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Former government agent Owen Force discovers that dead men do tell tales in the next bone-chilling installment of the On the Run series.


Tired of fighting crime with limits, Owen trades his government credentials for a pivotal role at Elite Force, working with his brothers in the private sector to serve justice under the radar and above the law.

He assumes the worst is behind him, but the real threats have just begun.


The Perez family crime syndicate might have taken a major hit, but legacies aren’t so easily eradicated. Cesar Perez’s secrets didn’t stay buried with him and someone is picking up right where he left off.


The only person with the knowledge and access to carry out the cartel boss’s evil bidding is a former agent that Owen trained himself. A man he trusted, until he betrayed the organization and went rogue. Everything is jeopardized as lives hang in the balance between ally and enemy.


In a shocking turn of events, no one is safe from bloodshed... with vengeance on the run.

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Title PNG_ Heavy Drop Shadow_VENGEANCE_BOOK 2_rebrand.png