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Private sector security specialist, Derek Force faces off with his haunted past— in this shocking political conspiracy filled continuation of the On the Run series.


Restless rouge, Derek has spent a lifetime serving his country running covert ops, both on and off the record. This time he’s working with Elite Force to bring down what could be their biggest enemy yet.


A mysterious informant has been leaving the team disturbing clues, and Derek needs to figure out if the path of evidence leads to the truth... or a trap.


As they get closer to uncovering the nation’s darkest secret, the team is torn on who to trust. The past and present collide in an explosive showdown as old enemies make new strategically placed friends. Powerful friends, with dangerous motive and millions to spare.


Danger follows Derek’s every move, leaving a bloody trail in its wake. Everything the team thought they knew about who’s pulling the strings is about to come unraveled, thread by dangerous thread.


From blood thirsty mercenaries to corrupt politicians, nothing is as it seems... with a murderer on the run.

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