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Former military turned private sector security specialist, Jackson Force doesn’t know who he is without his dog tags, but he’s trying to figure it out— in this thrilling, edge of your seat continuation of the On the Run series.


Best of the best and born to be a solider— Jackson lived for the next mission and the thrill of serving justice as a member of an undocumented black ops unit. After being wounded in action and honorably discharged from the military, he finds himself struggling to adjust to mundane civilian life after experiencing the worst the world had to offer.


Murder, cover-up and conspiracy make him feel at home when he’s tasked with protecting an unwilling witness, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Jackson gets a brutal taste of his old life as the cryptic case unfolds and the deadly trail leads back to the nation’s capital.


But it doesn’t end there. Something much bigger is at play and if they don’t figure out who’s calling the shots— they could be next.


Keeping eyes wide open and one finger on the trigger is the only way to survive... when there’s deception on the run.

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