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Private security specialists and IT genius, James Force knows that to take down an invisible criminal, you have to stay two keystrokes ahead — in the high-tech, high-stakes continuation of the On the Run series.


Brilliant hacker James has a different skill set than his Elite Force brothers. His weapon of choice is a keyboard, and the dark web is his territory. He’s yet to meet a wall he can’t get through, slipping in undetected and dismantling the world’s worst crime syndicates from the inside out.


When one of Elite Force’s own ends up with a target on their back, James gets dragged down deeper into the dangerous cyber underworld.


It’s hard to know who to trust when an invisible threat is always watching and one step ahead. The deadly stalker’s reach knows no bounds and will stop at nothing to throw the Elite Force off the trail.


With each stealthy key stroke, they get one step closer to finding out who’s behind the screen... and one step closer to being eliminated themselves.


A faceless predator, hiding behind a screen makes it hard to know who to trust... in danger on the run.

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